Sex and the City's Trysexual Sirensex and the city's trysexual siren

Sex And The City: Samantha - The Original Maneater...

Sex and the City's Trysexual Siren

Without a doubt the most sexually promiscuous in Sex And The City Samantha’s man-hungry, uninhibited sexual appetite means that although she’s a doyen of public relations in her work life, she’s a disaster at long-term relationships in her sex life.

One Night Stands
Samantha once admitted to being a “trysexual” – she’ll happily try anything once – who prefers her lovers to leave “...an hour after I climax”. As a result, her long list of lovers reads like a list of characters from The Jerry Springer Show:

A 72-year-old millionaire, a student with the same name as her, a virgin, a farmer, a wrestling coach, a lesbian...the list goes on. But there have been a few relationships that lasted longer than one night.

Sorry Boys…Size Does Matter
Towards the end of season 1 Samantha met James, the first man she felt she could potentially marry. Because of these strong feelings she didn’t have sex with him on their first date.

Sadly though, it wasn’t to last for when they eventually ‘sealed the deal’ James came up a little, ahem, short in the trouser department. In retaliation to Samantha’s complaint that he was too small, James countered that maybe she was too large. Ouch baby, very ouch.

Mr Wright?
In season 4, Samantha met her match in hotel magnate Richard Wright. He was her male equivalent in every way: an alpha male with a penchant for promiscuous sex and a huge…ego. Sadly, it wasn’t to last.

Despite the duo breaking new ground by agreeing to a monogamous relationship, Samantha’s heart was broken when it transpired Richard was cheating on her.

Sex and the Smith-y
As with Richard, Samantha again found herself in unchartered territory – love not lust – when she met twentysomething model/actor/whatever, Smith Jerrod. What began as just another notch on Samantha’s bedpost soon became something far more important. Smith even moved into her apartment and the show ended with them still dating.

Sadly, their relationship didn’t survive the leap from the small to the silver screen and Smith was given the ol’ heave-ho in the Sex And The City movie.

Lust and Marriage
Despite turning 50 in the movie, will Samantha ever settle down for good? To be honest, it’s rather unlikely. After all, this is the woman who once said to Carrie, “If you become one of those married assholes, I’ll kill you.”

Plus the word monogamy isn’t exactly synonymous with a vagina once described by Charlotte as “the hottest place in town. It’s always open.”

But we’ll give the final word on the subject to the lady herself:

“I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want as long as I can breath and kneel”. And who said romance was dead?