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Adrian Mole aka Gian Sammarcoadrian mole aka gian sammarco

Adrian Mole aka Gian Sammarco

There’s no denying that Adrian Mole was profoundly in love with Pandora. His poem also had an intellectual theme. The tenderness with which he adored her, went all bouncy in his dreams.

Yes, Adrian Mole was the Leicester schoolboy growing up in Thatcher’s Britain with acne, intellectual aspirations and neglectful parents to contend with. Oh, and he had a habit of measuring his…you know what. Well, we've all done that. Haven't we...?

But, twenty-one years since Adrian Mole first hit our screens, it’s time to ask… where is Adrian Mole actor Gian Sammarco now?

Hailing from Northampton, Sammarco was a virtual newcomer when he landed the role of Mole in 1985. His stint as the embodiment of teenage angst led to him landing a presenting gig on the Saturday morning ITV children’s show, Get Fresh, alongside Gaz Top and a green alien…thing called Gilbert.

Having returned to the role of Mole in 1987 for The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Sammarco appeared in Dr Who (opposite Sylvester McCoy) and the sadly now defunct Press Gang.

Gian’s last acting role was in the 1990 children’s Indiana Jones-style comedy series, Jackson Pace: The Great Years, alongside Keith Allen and Josie Lawrence. He has since dropped off the acting radar. But to do what, you ask?

Mr Sammarco is now a psychiatric nurse in the East Midlands and no longer acts - although you could say that working with individuals cursed with deep psychological scarring is pretty damn close to working in the acting profession...

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