Where Are They Now?

Bros - Luke and Matt Goss and Craig Logan.bros - luke and matt goss and craig logan.

Bros - Luke and Matt Goss and Craig Logan.

Bros had 13 hit singles, 2 world tours, sold out Wembley stadium and sold over 16 million records worldwide. But where are they now? When will they be famous (again)?

After a few years in the wilderness called obscurity, Luke has re-launched himself as a film star. His acting career took off when he landed the role of Danny Zuko in the stage production of 'Grease' in the West End.

His most high profile roles include 'Blade 2' opposite Wesley Snipes and was the main baddy in 2008's Hellyboy II: The Golden Army. He's doing quite well for himself really. Look here.

Meanwhile, Matt, who incidentally is 10 minutes younger than his twin brother Luke, attempted to launch a solo career following the break up of Bros. His solo album 'The Key' unfortunately didn't open the door back to fame. Now, after a period of 'self-reflection, introspection and evolution' (quote from his website) lasting twelve years, he's back with a new album 'Face The Wind'.

One of his songs was also featured on the soundtrack for the film 'Stuart Little'.

According to the movie website imdb.com, he is currently engaged to the lovely Daisy Fuentes and was most recently on British screens in the culinary reality show 'Hell's Kitchen'.

Finally, Craig, the lesser known memeber (we like to think of him at the Andrew Ridgely of Bros) sued the twins after leaving the band in 1988, for unpaid royalties and almost bankrupted the pair with a win of £1 million.

Post-BROS Craig stayed in the music industry helping to write and produce his then girlfriend Kim Appleby's (of Mel & Kim fame) album. Since then he worked his way up to an executive level at EMI before entering the world of music management.