Where Are They Now?



Ireland, the emerald isle, land of the leprechauns and home to freakishly talented families of musicians.  In the early 90’s The Cranberries were fresh off the vine, The Corrs were charming their way up the charts, and the Lynch family of Dublin were planning some talented exports of their own…

1993 saw Shane Lynch become one fifth of Ireland’s (then) most successful boy band to date in Boyzone and younger sisters (and identical twins) Edele and Keavy were planning a rival girl group – B*Witched

Joining forces with Lindsay Armaou and Sinead O’Carroll, their infectious debut single C’est La Vie saw Edele, Keavy, Lindsay and Sinead make denim dungarees cool again (for about 6 months) and had teeny-boppers flailing their legs a-la-riverdance in school discos up and down the country.  The single went straight in at Number 1 in the UK singles chart - a feat not even achieved by All Saints or even the Spice Girls…Wowza!

The group went on to enjoy a further three consecutive Number 1 singles (Rollercoaster, To You I Belong & Blame It On The Weatherman), making them the first Irish group in history to top the UK charts four times in a row, and their debut album charted at Number 3 which eventually went double platinum and platinum in the US!

After thanking ABBA for the music in a collaboration with Steps, Cleopatra and Billie (what were they thinking?!) on the 1999 Brit Awards, supporting N*Sync on their US tour with Britney “Comeback-Cuckoo” Spears, and releasing a respectful, but less successful follow-up album, B*Witched disbanded in 2002 and we’ve hardly heard a peep from them since – so where the heck are the Irish sirens now?

Edele & Keavy Lynch
After the split, twins Edele and Keavy decided to stick around in the ‘biz’.  Edele moved into song writing and helped pen successful tracks for Girls Aloud (Some Kind of Miracle) and the Sugababes (Situations Heavy).  She married in 2006 and gave birth to a baby daughter the following year.
Keavy went one better and formed her own song writing and production company Ziiiing! along with her musical partner Alex Toms.  But in 2006 the girls missed performing so much they decided to reunite as a double act as Ms. Lynch

Along with original material, the pair frequently perform B*Witched hits at universities and club nights around the UK.  They are currently ‘in the studio’ now so keep your eyes peeled.

Lindsay Armaou
Lindsay (the curly one) moved in the solo direction, continuing to song write and created a studio at own home making demo’s herself…we think they remained demo’s… 

In 2006, she married fellow 90’s pop star Lee Brennan from boy band 911 and now co-owns Popstars Academy in London with him, a venture specialising in dance classes and musical themed parties for children.  Imagine the screams and shouts of delight … *shudder*.

2007 saw Lindsay join the “country crossover” band Clayton as singer/co-songwriter.  The band describes their sound as one “that combines acoustic elements with pop sensibilities”.  Lets hope the children’s parties take off…

Sinead O’Carroll
Last but not least, Sinead (the blonde one), decided management was more up her alley and managed a girl group called Minx (who?! I hear you cry) up until 2004 - we presume it didn’t fair so well... and she also created a youth talent workshop Star Academy.

Recently Sinead has been making a name for herself back in the motherland on Irish telly appearing briefly in a soap opera as a hotel receptionist on Fair City and presenting (as of 2008) a makeover show called Inside & Out for TV3 Ireland.

There, the past 7 years in a nutshell.  Judging by the current spate of reforms and reunions will it be long before we see the girls grace our screens?  No?  Oh well…c’est la vie.