Where Are They Now?

Jan-Michael Vincentjan-michael vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent

Do you know when you hear the name of a TV show and you just have to watch it? Well, the 80s were full of them. Our favourite though, was Airwolf with it’s wonderfully named main character Stringfellow Hawke. We miss the 80s, all we get now is some little brat on Hollyoaks or The Hills. So, when we were reminiscing about one of our favourite TV shows, we got to thinking, where is Stringfellow now?

Jan-Michael Vincent had the honour of taking on Michael Knight in the ratings war and his real name was almost as good as his screen alias. Anyway, Vincent was born on July 15th 1944 in Denver, to parents Doris and Lloyd Vincent. When he was a teenager, his family upped sticks and moved to Hanford, California where the young whipper-snapper attended Ventura College.

Vincent’s first acting job was a role in the movie Los Bandidos in 1964, but his acting career really took off in the late 60s when he was signed to Universal Studios. He soon appeared in Dragnet, Tribes, Danger Island and alongside Charles Bronson in the crime thriller The Mechanic. He even appeared with John Wayne in The Undefeated.

After a series of film appearances, Vincent landed the role of Stringfellow Hawke after an acclaimed performance in the 1983 series, The Winds of War. His role in Airwolf is what Jan-Michael is best known for, and at the time, he was one of the highest paid actors on US television. Airwolf screened for two years and upon it’s conclusion, Vincent’s career took a bit of a downturn.

The 1990s saw Vincent appearing in low-budget films, many of which being released straight on to video. In 1996, Vincent was involved in a car accident where he broke his neck and sustained a permanent injury to his vocal cords.

One highlight in the post-Airwolf age, was Vincent’s appearance in Buffalo ’66 in 1998, a critically acclaimed independent film. As of late, we don’t know what happened to Vincent. We like to think that he’s somewhere in the skies, in his famous helicopter…watching. Waiting.