Where Are They Now?

Kelly LeBrockkelly lebrock

Kelly LeBrock

Kelly LeBrock remains one of the more iconic beauties from 80s cinema, despite only making her mark in two, not really very great films. Her debut was playing the eponymous object of Gene Wilder’s desire in 1984’s The Woman In Red, followed in ’85 by a starring turn in John Hughes teen take on Frankenstein, Weird Science.

In the former she cut quite an iconic image as she parodied Marilyn Monroe’s wind up the dress scene from The Seven Year Itch, while the latter convinces boys that they could create the perfect woman in their clunky BBC Acorn computers while wearing underpants on their heads. They were wrong, but the movie made quite an impact. However, almost as soon as she burst onto the screen, she vanished. So where is she now?

Kelly LeBrock was born in New York, but was raised in the UK, hence her strange, transatlantic accent. Her dad was a French-Canadian who once owned his own mine apparently, while her mum was an Irish model and housewife.

Inheriting her mum’s good looks, Kelly began her own career as a model at the age of sixteen, going on to appear on thousands of covers and magazines. She also became the face of Pantene on TV, uttering what would become the slogan of the time: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Needless to say we didn’t.

In 1984 she married her first husband, film producer and restaurateur Victor Drai in 1984, and that year she landed her debut role in The Woman In Red, followed by Weird Science the following year

After the double whammy of both movies she became hot property around Hollywood, despite the fact that her turn in both revealed she had slightly less acting ability than your average pine tree, but she looked lovely and that’s what counts. After all, you don’t need to be able to act to make it in California; just ask Arnie…

In 1986 LeBrock and Drai divorced and she married martial arts expert, actor and professional weirdo Steven Seagal in 1987 and they moved to a ranch near Southern California.

In 1990 she starred in Hard to Kill opposite Seagal and then popped up in several films throughout the 90s but we’re guessing the number of people that saw them is roughly the same as the amount she made. For the record they included Betrayal of the Dove, Tracks of a Killer and Hard Bounty. All of them classics.

In essence the reason Kelly disappeared was a desire to raise a family and with Seagal she had three kids, Dominic and Arissa.

In 1996 she divorced Seagal – probably about the same time he started wearing fat guy moomoos and cuddling trees. When that decade closed she continued to appear in a handful of movies such as The Sorcerer's Apprentice in 2002 and Zerophilia in 2005.

That same year, she expressed a desire to lose weight and restart her film career after experiencing a notable weight gain in recent years. As a result she became a contestant on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club in the States, in which she lost 31 pounds, and although she later regained the weight, she maintains that she is very happy and has come to terms with no longer being a "size 2". Yeah.

More recently Kelly appeared in the third series of Hell's Kitchen over here in the UK but was voted off by the public. Since then it has been reported that she has chosen to devote her time to people who are terminally ill, while also planning to make an independent movie in Bristol.

So there you have it. She’s still keeping herself busy but she will forever be etched in our collective memory for her bee-sting lips, sultry eyes and a body from heaven. Christ, feel like having a lie down now…