Where Are They Now?

Snow (Informer)snow (informer)

Snow (Informer)

Informer yasumanasumanasumanasumablaaaaaam a licky boom boom down.

What was all that about eh? You remember the song but not the man? That man was Snow.

39th on VH1’s ’50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs...Ever’ list, Snow’s Informer was no Candle in the Wind but in 1993 it reached the top spot in the US for seven weeks and Number 2 over here. Informer was awarded a Guinness Record for the best selling reggae song in history – blimey!

After the whirlwind success of the indecipherable Informer it was no surprise that Snow’s debut album 12 Inches of Snow (modest man...) swiftly followed and became a hit, on the most part due to Informer.

However, follow up single Girl, I’ve Been Hurt, a slow tempo ballad, bombed and his credibility and reputation soon crumbled with comparisons to fellow Caucasian rapper Vanilla Ice soon surfacing.

Snow then became the object of much ridicule. Rubber-faced Jim Carrey in his early days did a hilarious parody of Informer called Imposter.  (He also spoofed Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby)

From then it seems everybody’s memory seems to falter when asked ‘what happened next to the nimble-tongued one-hit-wonder?’ So here we are to provide the answers.

Well for starters he’s not dead as many people thought (including us).  In fact here he is.

Snow, real name Darrin O’Brien, had a rather troubled upbringing, growing up on housing projects (council housing) and getting into fights. When Informer was released, Snow was actually in prison serving time for a knifing to which he pleaded innocent and was later acquitted of after serving the best part of a year.

Speaking to Nicholas Jennings in Maclean's magazine Snow admitted “sometimes, I'd fantasize that I was Bruce Lee, or maybe one of the guys in Kiss. But mostly, I just hung out and got into trouble”. Charming.

Following 12 Inches of Snow, his producer Marvin Prince parted from Snow and MC Shan stepped in to produce his second album Murder Love, which you guessed, failed miserably internationally (except in Japan and Jamaica – go figure).

Whilst touring (or attempting to) O’Briens criminal record was enough to deny him entry to the US and later Japan yet, since falling off the radar from our perspective Snow has actually had a number ones in Japan (Sexy Girl) and Jamaica (Anything for You) and according to his MySpace scored three number ones in his native Canada.

Again according to his MySpace, Snow is now allowed back into the states where he is recording some more material and additional productions will be done in Jamaica. Wah gwaan.