Where Are They Now?

The Breakfast Clubthe breakfast club

The Breakfast Club

With its awesome theme song 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds, The Breakfast Club is another decade-defining movie that anyone over a certain age holds close to their heart.

The 1985 comedy drama was written and directed by the late, great John Hughes, who was also behind  Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to name a few. Collectively these movies led to the phrase “Brat Pack” because they jettisoned a group of American teenage actors to Hollywood stardom.

These movies all had great (if a tad dated) soundtracks and while everyone will have their favourite, it’s generally considered that The Breakfast Club, about five students who bond during high school detention, is the best.

A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal – but Where Are They Now?

Anthony Michael Hall - “Brian Johnson”
The geek of the club, Brian was in detention for bringing a gun into work, played brilliantly by Anthony Michael Hall, who by 1985 was already an established comedy actor. That same year he starred in Weird Science.

After The Breakfast Club he joined legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live at the age of 17. He was, and remains, the youngest cast member in the show’s history.

Determined not to be typecast, Hall turned down the part of Cameron in Ferris Bueller and Ducky in Pretty In Pink (that role went to our very own Jon Cryer); instead he made action thriller Out Of Bounds, which, of course, we all saw…

In the 90s he played more mature roles in Edward Scissorhands opposite Johnny Depp and Six Degrees of Separation with Will Smith. During the 00s he moved into television, landing the main role in the TV version of Steven King’s classic psychic chiller The Dead Zone.

Still acting today his most recent high profile role was that of interfering news anchor Mike Angel in The Dark Knight. Here's what Anthony Michael Hall looks like now.

Emilio Estevez – “Andrew Clark”
The school athlete, Andrew was in detention for the usual thing: taping a team mate’s buttocks together and Estevez gave the role the right amount of motivated arrogance.

After The Breakfast Club, Estevez became one of the bankable stars on the 90s (with Martin Sheen for a Dad and Charlie Sheen for a brother who would argue), with starring roles in Young Guns, Stakeout and their respective sequels.

In 1990 Estevez directed, wrote and starred alongside brother Charlie in the dustmen comedy Men at Work. It was, regrettably, garbage, but then  he had a lot of success in the high school ice hockey franchise The Mighty Ducks. In 92 he married Paula Abdul, but this lasted two years. Turns out opposites don’t attract…

Oh, and we heartily recommend the 1992 Lethal Weapon spoof Loaded Weapon One, which saw Estevez star opposite Samuel L Jackson. It's vastly underrated and worth it just for William Shatner chewing up the scenery as the villain!

Since then Estevez has popped up here and there in various movies and TV shows, including a recent cameo in Two and A Half Men, and has directed episodes of TV shows Cold Case and CSI: NY to name a few. Here is Emilio Etevez now (christ he looks like his dad...).

Ally Sheedy - “Allison Reynolds”
Ally Sheedy was impressively kooky as weird loner kid Allison, who had been sent to detention because she had “nothing better to do”.

After the success of the movie Sheedy enjoyed some success in Hollywood, with major roles in Short Circuit opposite an irritating robot, a man pretending to be Indian and the king of WATN? Steve Guttenberg.

Throughout the 90s she mainly acted in television roles and in 1999 she took to the Broadway stage playing a German transsexual in Hedwig And The Angry Itch. Apparently it was awful.

Here’s a bit of trivia: during that time she married the nephew of Murder, She Wrote’s Angela Lansbury!

A 2003 guest spot in an episode of The Dead Zone saw her reunite with Breakfast Club co-star Anthony Michael Hall and also popped up in CSI and most recently she appears here and there in various forgettable US TV shows. Click here to see what Ally Sheedy looks like now.

Molly Ringwald – “Claire Standish”
Claire was the posh princess of the group sent to detention for skipping class and was played by the queen of the Brat Pack, Molly Ringwald, whose face adorned the walls of many a teenage boy during the 80s.

Ringwald seemed destined for greatness after the movie and landed the lead role in John Hughes’ next teen flick Pretty In Pink. She also appeared on the cover of many leading magazines. However, during the 90s she disappeared.

This is partly because she turned down roles that could have led her to greater heights, such as Jodie Foster’s part in The Accused (for which Foster won an Oscar), Julia Robert’s role in Pretty Woman and Demi Moore’s character in Ghost. Ouch…

Also during the 90s Ringwald moved to France for four years, returning to America to perform in many plays on Broadway. Aside from the odd cameo in movies and TV, she seems to be happily working here and there under the radar.

Her most recent role is the mum in the US family show The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, which began in 2008. Here's what Molly Ringwald looks like now.

Judd Nelson – “John Bender”
In a role that was originally intended for John Cusack, Nelson reportedly stayed in character on and off set as criminal delinquent John Bender, in detention for setting off the fire alarm, to the extent that he was reportedly almost fired for bullying co-star Molly Ringwald.

After The Breakfast Club, Nelson’s movie career never really took off and made several flops but in the 90s he became a star again thanks to a major role in the sitcom Suddenly Susan opposite Brooke Shields, which lasted four seasons.

In recent years Nelson again made cameos in TV shows such as CSI. Another trivia for you, in 1985 he voiced major character Hot Rod in the animated Transformers Movie, who went on to lead the Autobots to victory.

Bet he’s just aching for the call from Michael Bay if they bring that one back for the new movies…Anyway, here's what Judd Nelson looks like now - presumably after he's been electrocuted.